About Us

Tri-State Renewable Resources is a family owned and operated business designed with future generations in mind. We all have families and want our children to have the same benefits and experiences we’ve had. We take these considerations into each project, helping you achieve the same, a sustainable planet with enough energy to power their ideas into the future.

Tri-State is a new enterprise developed by people with extensive experience in designing, constructing and maintaining solar energy systems. We have learned that almost everyone wants to benefit from solar but many can’t afford the initial upfront expense. That’s why we have designed a turnkey system that allows you to benefit from solar without one dime out of pocket. We incur all the costs by setting up a long term relationship with you and guaranteeing not only savings now, but throughout the lifetime of the contract, saving you thousands of dollars.

Our primary focus is on commercial, municipal and large residential buildings in the NYC tri-state area. You’ll find that our Power Purchase Agreement is not only free to enter into, but also has some of the lowest guaranteed charges. Depending on your usage, you can save up to tens of thousands of dollars on your annual electric bill. We visit your location and provide a free, no obligation cost savings diagnostic. The only thing you have to lose is your dependence on your electric company and its annual increases.

Tri-State uses only the best available equipment and is truly “a new day in solar.”